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Business Consulting and Advisory Services to improve diversification and achieve success. Based in Italy and Moldova.


Peering into the future is not only a popular pastime, it’s central to the business world and has spawned a global industry.


If you are looking to build wealth through business, asking the support of the work to professionals who are experts in their field is one of the best decisions you can make.


Our consulting services can help you improve your business performance and productivity, adding value throughout its growth life cycle.

We deal with all industries and at these we excel:



Family Business

Green Energy



Non Profit

Real Estate



Accelerate your business transformation!
What happens next?

Driving Growth for future success

Times have changed, has your new business strategy? To grow your business, you need to identify new opportunities and implement strategies that distinguish you from your competitor.

Business Consulting, Advisory Services

Everything you need to know about working in the business, consulting and management sector. Next Team Consulting is a management consulting firm that works with companies across all industries and geographies.

Imagine the possibilities

Is your business adopting new solution to drives its growth? How about one that can execute sustainable change successfully delivering real gains? We work closely with our clients to clearly understand their business requirements, vision, and needs in order to provide the best customized solution.